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Camille Duvall Hero spent over thirty years as one of the most influential and celebrated female professional waterskiers of all time. She is a five-time World Champion, 15-time National Champion, and member of the American Water Ski Hall of Fame. Camille earned a spot amongst Sports Illustrated‘s Top 100 Female Athletes of the Century and ranked in the top 3 or higher in the World in both slalom and jump for 13 years from 1981-94.

Camille’s hard work, determination, and enthusiasm — paired with her behind-the-scenes work — not only made her one of the fiercest competitors in waterskiing, but directly impacted public recognition and perception of waterskiing as a formidable sport within the athletic world.

-Time Master’s Slalom Champion

-Time World Professional Slalom Champion 84’-88’

US overall titles

-Time Tournament of Champion’s Slalom Champion

Undefeated US water ski team memberships

US National titles

A Lifetime in Athletics

Born into a highly athletic family, Camille Duvall Hero began waterskiing at just four years old and won her first tournament two years later. Spurred by that win and by the demanding tutelage of her father, Camille continued pushing for excellence, training in a variety of body balance sports, such as gymnastics and diving, as well. She was invited to the Master’s tournament at age 12 and made the U.S. National Team the following year.

Despite tirelessly training alongside her brother into adulthood, Duvall-Hero nonetheless knew she was about to enter a sport that was not typically female. As she rose up through the ranks and became one of the most recognizable figures in waterskiing, she put in work not just on the water, but in key initiatives and organizations to bring the sport to light and give athletes a voice in the issues that affected them. Camille is a former WSF Board of Trustees Member, the founder of the Athletes Advisory council to the Board of USA Water Ski, the founder and former President of the Professional Association of Water Skiers (PAWS), and more.

Camille at an Up2Us Sports gala. (Getty Images for Up2Us Sports)

Camille Duvall Hero particularly sought out opportunities to raise awareness of disparities in the financial compensation or overall treatment of female athletes. She continues to be interested in these issues and the way they influence generations of girls and women. She has sought out opportunities to increase the numbers of women in sports in various ways, from supporting the Up2Us Sports She Can Coach campaign to working on membership growth for the Twin Lights Ski Club.

Camille spent years as a broadcast journalist before becoming a licensed real estate broker and now Director of Sales for Warburg Realty. She is still involved in the women’s sports community of New York. She is still very physically active and enjoys running, climbing, playing tennis and shadow boxing.